Notice on Usage of Industrial Property Digital Library (IPDL)


Industrial property right information contains information on the latest technologies as well as information defining the scope of rights. It is important that this industrial property right information is widely used in order to prevent duplicate research and development, to promote research and development by using existing technologies, and to prevent the infringement of rights. Therefore, the National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training (INPIT) has been making patent gazettes available for reference at its facilities. Furthermore, as from October 2004, the INPIT has been operating the Industrial Property Digital Library (IPDL) services, which had been provided by the Japan Patent Office (JPO) since March 1999, and industrial property information is now available from the INPIT website.

Objectives and roles of IPDL

The Internet is a very popular tool for gathering information. The INPIT, therefore, offers IPDL service on the website so that the general public can retrieve basic information that is required under the Patent law to be disclosed in compliance with the principle of the industrial property rights system. IPDL provides around 98 million documents of patents, utility models, designs and trademarks and their relevant information that have been published since the end of the 19th century. Basic information in gazettes can also be retrieved and used in English, with the objectives of reinforcing the protection of rights overseas and as an international contribution.

Cautions when using IPDL

The INPIT sets forth the following certain rules to ensure that IPDL is used for proper purposes.

  1. Retrieval at IPDL

    IPDL is designed to allow retrievals and usage of basic information on industrial property rights in a standard manner. Therefore, the available contents and retrieval functions are limited to basic ones. For sophisticated retrievals or access to high value-added information (so-called professional use), it is recommended to use the services offered by commercial (private-sector) patent information providers.

  2. Restriction on massive accesses and robot accesses

    IPDL is intended for use by the general public. Therefore, it is prohibited to download massive amounts of data or to access the data by robot access (periodical data collection through a computer program) with the objective of collection of information, as this might hinder the accesses of the general public. Please note that if such actions are discovered, access to IPDL will be restricted without warning.
    Bulk data may be purchased from the INPIT at marginal cost. The INPIT offers the JPO's data on DVD-R, CD-R and MT.

  3. Hyperlinks to IPDL

    Hyperlinks to IPDL are allowed in principle. If you set up a hyperlink, please let us know at Information Provision Department, INPIT (Tel: +81-3-3581-1101(ex.2413) of E-mail:
    However, the hyperlinks are not allowed if:

    1) the contents of the website are offensive to public order and morals;
    2) the contents of the website violate or may violate laws or ordinances, etc.; or,
    3) the hyperlinks are set up in the way that suggest IPDL is not a free service by the INPIT (For example, hyperlinks that display IPDL within a frame or that suggest IPDL is a fee-based service.).
    Please be sure to indicate clearly that the link is directed to the INPIT website when you set up the hyperlinks.

  4. Copyright

    The information offered by IPDL is protected under the Copyright Law; however, citation and reprint of the material is permitted in principle provided that the following conditions are met:

    1) this site must be identified as the source of information, and
    2) the material may not be altered.

    As for the Journal of Technical Disclosure published by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation, person or company who discloses the article in the Journal holds copyright. Please take necessary steps before you use the copyrighted materials in the Journal.
    As for the CSDB (Computer Software Database) search, original documents and abstracts are copyrighted works and they are provided under permission by the copyright holders. Please be noted that offering or making available to any third party (including specific majority) of such copyrighted work in any form may result in copyright infringement.

  5. Disclaimer

    The INPIT makes every effort to offer accurate information through IPDL and updates the contents to the latest version, but the JPO and the INPIT shall not be held liable for any damages caused by errata, missing characters, omission or errors in the information, or delays in updating the information from the date of disclosure until it becomes accessible, or any other damages caused by using the information offered by IPDL.
    The result of retrieval in IPDL does not necessarily guarantee that the invention, design or Trademark has patentability or registrability.

  6. Revision

    The information offered by IPDL is subject to revision without prior notice. For any inquiries concerning IPDL, please contact IPDL Help Desk by telephone, FAX, or E-mail. IPDL Help Desk is open from 9AM to 9PM (Mon-Fri) ;
    TEL : (+81) 3-5690-3500
    FAX : (+81) 3-5690-3536

    As to operation of IPDL, please contact the Information Provision Department of INPIT.
    TEL : (+81) 3-3581-1101(ex.2413)